Hilarious Typo on Couple's Cake Leads to Wedding Day They'll Never Forget

This cake fail was posted on Facebook and made its way through the cyber-pipeline over to Reddit.

Cutting into a wedding cake it a longstanding part of the wedding tradition. In fact, people will often freeze their cake for years on end, just to remember the events of that special day.

Even if, at the end of the day, a cake is meant to be eaten, the design is still something to be considered. That's why the Wisers will remember this day for the rest of their lives—for more reasons than one.

The Wisers' wedding planner captured this hilarious typo on their cake, which arrived bearing a bit of a different inscription than they had originally planned. The elegant green frosting was meant to spell "Wiser Wedding", not "Why's There A Wedding?"

The cake had been ordered from a local supermarket rather than a professional bakery. Clearly, the people at the store misheard what the wedding planner had said. 

"This is why you hire professionals. My clients bought this from our local grocery store bakery... It's supposed to say 'Wiser Wedding'," the planner posted on Facebook.

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