These Hilarious Photos Sum Up Married Life

By 1 year ago

Married life might seem just like a step above dating, but it can bring a whole new set of rules to a relationship. Boundaries fall and fights flare when you know you're about to be spending the rest of your life with someone. When you find the One though, everything falls right into place. That doesn't mean relationships can't still be messy and hilarious though...

Very Specific

Upon first glance, this definitely doesn't describe marriage. However, the caption is given to this photo originally read that the husband asked his wife where the eyedrops were, to which she responded: "In the bedroom on the TV stand under the lightswitch slightly trapped between the wall and the dresser." Very specific, but at least she had a reliable answer...


Dat Butt Hot

Love is what inspired the great poets, beautiful songwriters, and the greatest artists of all time. They might have really been in love with their partner's internal attributes and described them like the sun and the moon and all that. However, they definitely appreciated the other assets too. It might be Shakespeare who once said, "And dat butt hot..." Pure poetry.

Adult Baby

Caring for a spouse can sometimes feel like caring for an adult child. You have to make sure they get fed, get cleaned, make their bed, get to work, and so much more. It can feel like you're a parent and a partner all at once! It can be pretty even split, but if it's not, you might end up looking like the woman (or rather, the mother) in this hilarious picture. 

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