Hershey's Chocolate World Is Letting You Customize Giant Reese's Cups

Chocolate lovers have to make Hershey's Chocolate World in Pennsylvania a spot to visit. There are tons of chocolate-themed rides and experiences for everyone to enjoy! 

This summer, they're introducing a new interactive experience that speaks specifically to those who love Reeses Peanutbutter Cups. The experience is called Reese's Stuff Your Cup. Park guests can craft and fill their own 1 pound Reese's Peanut Butter Cup!

Upon arrival, guests are given an empty chocolate shell. Then, they choose up to 10 mix-ins which can include Reese's Pieces, marshmallows, pretzel bits, chocolate drizzle, rainbow sprinkles, and (of course) Reese's Cups. 

When the mix-ins are chosen, a "tasteologist" then folds in authentic Reese's peanut butter. After everything is put together, the visitor will leave with their gigantic Peanut Butter Cup worth $14.95.

Reese's Stuff Your Cup is a limited experience that will only be around for this summer. Along with this, Hershey Park will also feature Create Your Own Ultimate Milkshake, Custom Creation Kits, and more customizable items! 

"We know that families are ready to get out of their homes and reclaim their summer," Todd Kohr, marketing manager for the Hershey's Chocolate World Attraction, said in a statement, "so that's why Hershey's Chocolate World is adding sweetness this year more than ever."

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