Here's Why Impossible Meat "Bleeds"

The FDA is upholding its decision to allow Impossible Foods to use the ingredient "heme" in their product. It's an additive that makes their "beef" taste like meat. Impossible Foods recently won a court case that tried to contest the usage of the additive and had they lost, the company would have suffered drastically. The FDA required "convincing evidence" that the "color additive causes no harm." Heme is "a red ingredient that makes Impossible Foods' products appear to 'bleed.'"

The FDA released a statement that said, "We have no questions at this time regarding Impossible Foods’ conclusion that soy leghemoglobin preparation is [generally recognized as safe] under its intended conditions of use to optimize flavor in ground beef analogue products intended to be cooked." 

However, the Center for Food Safety had a counter-statement: “FDA should have required additional independent testing to make sure that this new substance does not cause allergic reactions or other health problems in people." 

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Post originally appeared on American Upbeat.