Heartbreaking Discovery Made by a Hiker Ends up Changing His Life for the Better

Many people fill their time will adventuring in crazy places. There are tons of people who dare to travel into deep caverns, remote forests, and even deep sea diving. In this story, a certain daredevil ended up having his adventurous trek change course completely.

Daredevil By Heart

Zachary Anderegg is known for his adventurous lifestyle. Ever since he was a kid, he was always out in nature exploring local forests and learning about the ecosystem. As he grew older, he was spending nearly every moment of his freetime hiking and mountain climbing. It became a true passion for him, and one ultimate goal he had was to explore the deepest parts of The Grand Canyon.


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The More You Know

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  • There are more than 24 time zones around the world.
  • Nintendo was founded in 1889. Before it sold video games, the Japanese company specialized in playing cards.
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