He Got Away With 90 Murders. Now He’s Confessing To Them All

By 2 years ago

The most prolific serial killer in the United States, Samuel Little, confessed to a slew of nearly 90 murders that spanned across half a century. How could someone possibly live with the guilt, let alone evade arrest for so long? His shocking revelations about the events that occurred decades ago will give you chills.

Who is Samuel Little?

Samuel Little was born in Reynolds, Georgia in 1940. He had a difficult childhood. His mother was a “lady of the night” as Little described, and when his family moved to Lorain, Ohio, several problems arose…


His Crimes Started Young

When Little moved to Ohio, he was mostly raised by his grandmother. He struggled with behavioral issues and lack of motivation in junior high school, and was convicted of breaking and entering on a property in 1956. He never thought the consequences would be this bad…

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