Have One of These Toys in Your Attic? You Could Be Sitting on a HUGE Payday

By 2 years ago

Looking for a few extra bucks—just head to your attic. Sure, antiques and hidden family heirlooms can make a fortune but have you held onto your childhood toys?

Despite new technology advancements, old toys are rocking the second-hand market.

Look through this list, and then run, don’t walk, to your attic and see what treasures await you…

Garbage Pail Kids Cards

The Garbage Pail Kids Cards were not a favorite for parents, but kids loved them. Depending on which card you have, and what condition it’s in, you can make a pretty penny on eBay. One card recently sold for $300, while an entire 1985 package Garbage Pail Kids Series One is selling for $4,000.


Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards were all the rage, and with its revival via Pokemon Go, these old cards are making a comeback. Released in 1996, some of these old cards are worth thousands if kept in good condition.

1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figure

With a devoted fan base like the Star Wars clan, no amount of money seems unreasonable. In 2015, the 1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figure sold for $25,000. Now THAT is some serious Star Wars love.

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