Guy Fieri Raises Over $20 Million for Restaurant Workers

When COVID-19 first shut down businesses and restaurants, restauranteur and tv personality, Guy Fieri, knew that the employees of the restaurant industry were going to struggle.

Fieri immediately partnered with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation to help provide aid to these workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Servers and bartenders who relied on tips for the majority of their income suddenly had no place to turn. Fieri reached out to “all the heavy hitter CEO’s that are involved in the restaurant business” to collect donations for their Restuarant Employee Relief Fund launched in March

In two month's time, the National Restaurant Association has approved 40,000 $500 grants for restaurant employees around the US. 

Fieri urges people to support their local Mom & Pop establishments now more than ever if at all possible. While he's concerned that larger dining establishments may take a bit more time to bounce back in the long run, he has said, “I think people are going to be fired up, gung ho and ready to get out there and visit their restaurants a lot more than they were prior to the pandemic."

You can donate to the relief efforts or apply for a grant yourself at

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