Green Puppy Born in Italy Has Been Named 'Pistachio'

This year has certainly been an unpredictable one.

Sardinian farmer Cristian Mallocci discovered something bizarre earlier this month when one of his eight dogs gave birth to a puppy with green fur. Mallocci named the puppy Pistachio.

Pistachio was part of a litter of five dogs born on October 9. Like their mixed-breed mother, Spelacchia, they all had white fur—with the exception of Pistachio, of course.

It is extremely rare for dogs to be born with green fur. The strange phenomenon occurs when pale puppies make contact with a green pigment called biliverdin while in the womb.

This time last year, a Great Dane in Colorado also gave birth to a litter of pups in which one puppy had green fur, just like Pistachio.

"It was so shocking when she was born," said the owner of the Great Dane, Caddy Williams. "Luckily I had recently read an article about a green dog. so at least I knew what was going on."

Sadly, the effect is temporary, and Pistachio's green coat will continue to fade over time.

The other puppies will be given away to new homes, but Pistachio will stay on Mallocci's farm with Spelacchia to look after the sheep.

He added that green was a color of hope and luck—which people could most certainly use this year.

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