Grandson Finds Priceless Secrets Buried Under Grandmother's Home

Have you ever wondered what secrets could be hiding in your own home? One man went into his grandmother's home with the intent of helping her clean it out, but they ended up finding something that they were not bargaining for...

Forgotten Treasure

Imgur user Toddrick wanted to help his elderly grandmother clean out her home. After his grandfather passed away, he noticed that she struggled to keep the home tidy. His grandparents were in their 90s, so they had a lot of stuff...


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The More You Know

  • When the Super Bowl champion Giants visited the White House in 1987, they dumped popcorn on President Reagan.
  • Fear of the number 13 is called triskaidekaphobia.
  • Both volleyball and basketball were invented in Massachusetts.
  • Following the release of Rocky IV, a joke was making rounds in Hollywood. Since Rocky had run out of opponents, he would have to fight an alien if a fifth movie was made. Jim and John Thomas took the joke seriously and wrote a screenplay based on it, which later became the movie "Predator".
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