Gigi Hadid Shares Farm Life Snaps

World-famous supermodel Gigi Hadid is loving her farm life away from the city. She visits her Pennsylvania farmhouse with her daughter, Khai, and boyfriend, Zayne Malik.

She's consistently posting about how much she prefers her life outside of the city. Her photos show her family running around the ranch, foraging for fresh food, and enjoying life outside of the public eye.

She also showed off some veggies that Malik picked out himself. Obviously, they're enjoying the slower life.

"I always want to be here full-time. I love the city, but this is where I'm happiest," she said of ranch life. Usually, Hadid spends time in New York City. Sadly, that life has become hectic as the paparazzi consistently invade the privacy of her 11-month-old daughter.

The 26-year-old continued, "I think she'll definitely be raised here. The greenery and the farm-y lifestyle are similar to what made me feel really centered as a kid, and I think that's really important to Zayn and me."

Hadid shows her fans that even big-time celebs need to take time away from the craziness of it all. 

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