Give Your Valentine A Chicken Nugget Bouquet

By 1 year ago

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and that means romantic gestures. What's more romantic than giving your beloved a bouquet of roses? Well, how about a bouquet of chicken nuggets. The trend has sprouted up as an alternative to expensive and nonfunctional flowers, which aren't nearly as delicious. Just get an order from a local fast-food chain and a few skewers, and get crafting. 


In 2019, one bride walked down the aisle with a chicken nugget bouquet in her hands. However, the nuggets weren't actually real and edible, so there was no pre-marriage snack for the bride and groom (if she'd share). Still, though, it sparked some attention and gave other lovebirds the same idea. Who said romance can't be $4.99 and perfect with ketchup?

While most people stuck to chicken nuggets, some others added fries, cakes, chocolates, and get this...real flowers! Be sure to wrap it up pretty with some red and pink decorations and, of course, a whole lot of love (and by that, we mean sauces!)

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