Georgia Mom Accidentally Passes on a Rare Cancer Gene to Her Three Sons

By 1 year ago

Cancer is the leading killer of children below the age of five. Fortunately, we have the resources to treat most cancers, but the treatment costs an unbelievable amount of money. Having one child with cancer can be extremely trying, but what if you had three? That's the tragic dilemma Angie Rush faced. Thanks to some miracles, her family was able to make it through...

Cancer Runs in the Family

Cancer is scary, expensive, and occurs in almost 40% of people. Usually, cancer metabolizes in the elderly, but increasingly alarming statistics have revealed that children are just as susceptible. Leukemia and brain cancers are the most popular cancers that are treated in children, but recent genetic science suggests that there may be a few more types of cancer to look out for. 


From Parent to Child

Whether or not your child will get a specific type of cancer largely depends on your genetics. In some cases, certain types of cancer can only metabolize if you pass the gene that allows cancerous growth onto your child. In this particular instance, one Georgia woman passed a horrific gene onto not one, but all three of her children…

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