Neighbors Became Envious When Secretive Neighbor Revealed Backyard Project

By 1 year ago

When Wayne Martin started digging a large hole in his backyard, his neighbors thought that he was getting a pool. When Wayne refused to disclose to his neighbors what he was up to, though, they started to get suspicious...

Putting the Backyard to Use

Most people dream of having a nice house with a large backyard. Some people want to use their backyard for a pool while others want to have the space for their kids and pets to run around in. Wayne Martin had an enormous backyard. He had some serious plans for it, too, but not quite what most would expect...


Not Quite a Garden

Curious neighbors peeked their heads over his fence when big construction vehicles drove up onto his property one day. In a close-knit community like Wayne's, he knew that all of the commotions would pique some interest. Most people assumed he was building a swimming pool, but Wayne had something else up his sleeve...

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