Garbage Men Heard Noises in the Dumpster, What They Found Shocked Them

By 1 year ago

When Ahriel and Danny were performing their normal morning routine of dumpster clean-ups, they never expected to hear noises coming from a gas station’s trash bags. When they got closer, they figured out what was really going. Read on to learn how these two local heroes changed a life for the better…

Training Day

Danny Cormier was training Ahriel Jones Sr. for a normal day on the job as a garbage man. Danny’s job was a bit more specialized as he had to use a specific vehicle to pick up dumpsters. Jones had been a garbage worker for over six years and was ready to be promoted.

River Road


Cormier has been the driver for Waste Management Inc. for several years and knew all the ins and outs of the job. They were at a Speedway store on the corner of Lakewood Ranch Boulevard and Manatee River Road in Seacoast, Florida. They were planning to pick up the store’s dumpster. What they found instead was unreal…

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