Game Changing Life Hacks That Actually Work

When it comes to life hacks, it feels like we’ve seen them all, and yet, even the most basic hacks can have the biggest impacts.


Flat Iron Fix

Because not every hotel room comes equipped with an iron, but you can be sure your wife or girlfriend isn’t going away without her flat iron. Sometimes, your collars need some straightening out, too.


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The More You Know

  • Buy a ring binder and keep insurance papers, repair receipts and all other paperwork pertaining to the house in it. Storing all your house information in one handy place makes life easier.
  • Before going on your next shopping spree, do your research. You might find most products to be relatively inexpensive online when compared to retail.
  • Help keep your home office space organized by using PVC pipe to hide cords. Just wrangle all those computer, mouse, monitor and phone cords and hide them in some PVC pipe.
  • Give your dishwasher a break by measuring ingredients directly into your mixing bowl using a digital scale.
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