Game Changing Life Hacks That Actually Work

When it comes to life hacks, it feels like we’ve seen them all, and yet, even the most basic hacks can have the biggest impacts.


Flat Iron Fix

Because not every hotel room comes equipped with an iron, but you can be sure your wife or girlfriend isn’t going away without her flat iron. Sometimes, your collars need some straightening out, too.


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The More You Know

  • The stickiness of duct tape makes it perfect for a makeshift pet hair remover and this method is faster than vacuuming. It also works on seats in vehicles. A sponge or cloth wrapped with duct tape works great for getting into corners. Wrap duct tape around a paint roller cover, sticky side out.
  • If the wine's room temperature, you can ease that cork out by heating the neck of the bottle with a hair dryer. Just make sure you're not doing this with sparkling wine or wine that's been refrigerated or you could break the bottle or cause the cork to forcefully eject.
  • By folding shirts KonMari- or military-style and sandwiching (instead of stacking), you can fit more into each dresser drawer and have a better visual of what's inside.
  • Run your wrists under cold water or rub an ice cube on your pulse points to cool down all over quickly when you get overheated.
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