LaCroix Introduces New Spring-Inspired Flavor

It's almost Cherry Blossom season for parts of the world and LaCroix wanted to celebrate it! 

Their newest flavor, Cherry Blossom, will hit shelves at retailers next month. They announced the new flavor on Valentine's Day.

"LaCroix is all about unique flavor, good health, and love! We can think of no better time to announce this innovative new flavor than on Valentine's Day," the company said. "Cherry Blossom is a botanical twist of sweet and just a 'kiss' of tart, the dazzling taste of blossoming Spring!'

It seems like the company put a lot of thought into this new flavor. They wanted the new drink to represent "freshness, splendor, and delicate beauty." The drink will also evoke a fragrance of the flower to convey the taste and feeling of spring. 

The first day of spring is just over a month away. The drink will be available sometime in early March!

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