How To Make The Perfect Hot Cocoa Board

Are you feeling tired of charcuterie boards? Hot cocoa boards may be the perfect swap for you! 

If you're unsure of how to even go about a hot cocoa board, Instagrammer @easyylivin (Tiffany Ekmalian) has some great pointers. She sat down with Good Morning America to talk about how she goes about her famous treat.

Ekmalian says that you should start with the "nonnegotiables and then elaborate from there." 

"For instance, marshmallows are always a must, so I thought about all of the different variations I could add to make the board extra festive. I included peppermint, toasted vanilla, and even snowflake-shaped marshmallows on the board. I wanted something crunchy that you could dip into your hot chocolate, so I snagged some chocolate biscotti and peppermint wafer sticks as well!"

The idea wasn't Ekamlian's, but she definitely helped bring it into the spotlight! Tons of other food and lifestyle bloggers shared their own variations of hot cocoa boards. Some made chocolate fudge pops while others went heavy with cheery holiday decorations. 

This is definitely something to try out with your friends and family. Plus, it's way more kid-friendly!

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