Florida City Selling Swans Due to Overpopulation

If you're in the market for a new pet, consider going a little outside of the box.

The city of Lakeland, Florida will be selling a number of its swans after its annual "Swan Roundup" takes place. According to reports, the city spends about $10,000 a year to feed and care for the swans.

"We will gather the swans on Lake Morton using catch boats with our crews setting up a perimeter around the lake to help keep the swans on the water," said Steve Platt, Lakeland's Parks and Recreation supervisor. "Our veterinarian will be out the very next morning to assist with keeping our swan flock healthy."

The city is looking to sell between 16 and 20 of its 80 swans in order to reduce the flock to a more manageable size.

The roundup, aside from a chance to adjust the city's swan population, will allow the swans to receive their annual veterinary checkups in order for the Parks and Recreation Department to monitor their health.

"Day two may take a little longer this year because we plan on having a swan sale this year," Platt said. "We will have to separate the swans that will be part of that process but we will have more information on our swan sale later."

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