Firefighters Push Family Van to Gas Station and Pay for Refill

Florida firefighters came to the rescue of a family-of-four who were traveling in their minivan on their way to the hospital when their vehicle ran out of gas. 

Firefighters Dennis Noble, Joe Clark, and Duane Norman quickly arrived on the scene to assist the family. 

One family member was experiencing a medical emergency, so paramedics arrived to tend to them before taking them to the hospital for care. But this left the rest of the family stranded on the side of the road. 

The firefighters acted quickly and pushed the minivan a quarter of a mile to the closest gas station. They paid for the family's tank of gas and fixed their flat tire, too. 

Hernando County Fire Rescue posted a photo of the three firefighters pushing the family's vehicle to their Facebook page to praise the men for their kindness. 

"This truly exemplifies the meaning of why HCFR exists… to serve others!" they wrote.

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