Firefighters Called to Rescue Puppies—But What They Found Was Even Stranger

By 11 months ago

When first responders were called to the scene of a trapped litter of puppies, they had no idea just how involved the mission would be. It's not uncommon for a search and rescue team to recover stray animals before it's too late, and thankfully nobody was hurt in the process. However, once they rescued the puppies, vets made an odd discovery about the litter...

Colorado Springs Fire Department

The Colorado Springs Fire Department had to race against the clock in order to save a litter of puppies from a burning building. The weather wasn't on their side, and neither was the condition the puppies were in. They didn't have a second to lose...


A Rescue Mission Like No Other

The department was used to daily calls regarding fallen trees, small fires, and car accidents. They were also no stranger to rescuing trapped animals. Little did they know that this particular call would be a little more challenging than usual...

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