Finnish Brewery Brews Beer Using Goose Poop

Breweries across the world have tried a seemingly infinite number of gimmicks to keep customers on their toes, but this one might actually be worth the hype.

Finland's Ant Brew has produced Wasted Potential Imperial Stout, inspired by the microbrewery's home city of Lahti, the European Green Capital of 2021.

"The poop is used in a food-safe way to smoke malt to create a unique stout beer," read the announcement. "The goose droppings are gathered from local parks, where geese are causing a messy problem. Now, the local parks get cleaner and the special edition summer beverages are perfect for a picnic in the park-a true two birds with one stone type of solution."

"This series of beers is our way to create important discussions about food waste, utilization of waste, urban farming, and local and wild food among beer enthusiasts," stated the microbrewery's Kari Puttonen.

"Working with the Lahti Green Capital has been great. We are constantly developing ways to utilize new ingredients in brewing, and are not afraid to think outside of the box," Puttonen continued.

For anyone anxiously awaiting this unique product, the goose beer is not set to roll out until later in summer, so at least potential buyers will have time to mull it over.

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