Festivals That Ended in Disaster

Festivals are all about fun and creating new experiences that will last a lifetime. In these instances, it did just that - although not always for the most positive reason. As with anything, if there is a high, there is bound to be a low.

Just Keep Swimming

At the Glastonbury festival, it's a five-day event where some of the most famous people in the world go to perform (David Bowie, Coldplay, Taylor Swift). Back in 2015, however, it was known for more than just the performers. Rainfall hit and the campground got flooded.


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The More You Know

  • There are more Lego mini-figures than there are people on Earth.
  • A can of Mountain Dew can dissolve a mouse.
  • You are always looking at your nose; your brain just chooses to ignore it.
  • On average, men get bored of a shopping trip after 26 minutes.
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