Federal Government Offering Cash Incentive to Adopt Wild Horses

Wild Horses are apparently causing a real problem in the West. In an effort to reduce the escalating wild horse population, the United States Bureau of Land Management has lifted the $125 fee for anyone thinking of adopting a wild mustang and replacing the fee with a cash incentive.

Those interested in taking home a wild horse will receive $1000 from the government. You can browse the wild horse selection at an “online corral” called Wild Horses Online, which allows users to browse the horses and burros up for adoption.

You can view bios and photos of each animal, as well as filter your search results by gender, age, height, color, training, and more. While some of the horses aren’t trained at all, others have been “gentled,” or handled minimally.

So, if you’re up for your very own rodeo with a cash incentive, now’s your chance to adopt a wild horse.

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