Father of Murdered Daughter Puts up Billboards Around Town Naming Her Killer

By 1 year ago

Kathy Page left her home one night to meet someone. The following day, her body was discovered inside her car. The details surrounding Kathy’s death didn’t add up. That’s when her father, James Fulton, took matters into his own hands…

The Truth Was in the Details

In the early dawn of May 14, 1991, a car was discovered nose-down in a ditch near Vidor, Texas. Thirty-four-year-old Kathy Page was found dead in the driver’s seat. However, as investigated examined the scene more closely, they realized that her death was no accident.

Strange Reaction


The crash was only a few hundred feet from Kathy’s home. When the authorities arrived, her husband, Steve Page, answered the door. The investigators informed Mr. Page that his wife had died. At first, he appeared to be upset, but soon his behavior began to indicate that something wasn’t quite right…

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