Family in India Drives People to Hospital for Free

For many rural Indian villages, the nearest hospital/medical service providers are miles and miles away, which could mean a matter of life or death for many people.

One man, Karimul Haque, decided to take it upon himself to make sure his fellow citizens get to the hospital in a timely manner via his motorcycle ambulance. 

For the last 19 years, Haque has been transporting people from rural villages to the hospital. Over the years, he's brought more than 5,000 folks to the hospital. 

This all began when he watched his mother pass away because she didn't have access to the medical care she needed. He was heartbroken, and, from that point, he decided he would not let other people die this way. 

Haque's whole family has joined in on this heartfelt endeavor, too. They volunteer their time and services to help others in rural villages get medical care. 

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