Families of Babies Switched at Birth Experience Years of Drama and Anguish but Don’t Regret a Thing

Having a baby is the highlight of some people’s lives. In this case, it completely changed two couple’s lives forever when the hospital made a drastic mistake. If that wasn’t bad, things just got worse and worse for the situation with unimaginable twists of fate. How do the families feel now, 24 years later, about the baby switch?

The Fateful Day

June 29th was a fateful day, but not for the reason these new mothers thought. Paula Johnson went into labor on June 29th, 1995 to give birth to her first daughter, Callie. She was planning on being a single mother. 18-year-old Kevin Chittum and 16-year-old Whitney went into the same hospital to deliver their first daughter, Rebecca. Both families didn’t know each other, and they were excited to begin their new lives as parents. They both weren’t expecting the true outcome of this hospital visit…


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The More You Know

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