Fake Instagrammers Getting Caught in Their Lies

By 1 year ago

It's easy to lie on the internet, but recently it's become increasingly more difficult to maintain those lies. Some people get away with it, but those are the ones who don't take risks. If it weren't for r/instagramreality, none of this would be possible...

Some Slight Differences

Here, we see a perfect example of someone who is a catfish. A catfish is a person who uses editing, contacts, superior camera angles and lighting tricks (or just stealing someone else's photos altogether) to appear completely different from how they actually look. This guy here doesn't look like how he does in his pictures at all, but he could totally get hired to be a photo editor if he plays his cards right. 


His and Hers

We will never understand the necessity of making yourself look like this. Human beings do not look this way. These people are practically aliens. 

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