Facts About The Three Stooges That Hardcore Fans Don't Even Know

Making Smart Business Moves

Yes, The Stooges were successful, but it wasn't just because of their comedy. These guys were notably big earners back in the day, mainly because of their "cheap" ways. They were known to reuse sets, costumes, and props for their bits. 


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The More You Know

  • The original pilot for Game of Thrones was judged to be so bad by the studio that the series was nearly cancelled.
  • Mad Men: It was the first basic-cable show to be nominated for Best Drama, alongside Damages.
  • Survivor helped to popularize what is now a staple of American television: the reality TV show.
  • The Cosby Show: Sondra was almost played by Whitney Houston instead of Sabrina Le Beauf...but she turned down the role to pursue music.
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