Facts About The Three Stooges That Hardcore Fans Don't Even Know

Nowadays, The Three Stooges are a household name. Back in the day, though, they weren't as widely regarded as they are now. Still, diehard fans will always remember them for their wacky adventures and bizarre antics, yet there's still a lot that people don't know about the Stooges...

Posthumous Walk of Fame

Despite having a huge following and claim to fame, it took The Three Stooges until 1983 to get their rightful star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Unfortunately, none of the original Stooges were alive to see their own star in Hollywood. At one point, they were so offended at their lack of acknowledgment that a running joke they had was about painting a star in the middle of Hollywood and Vine for themselves. 


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The More You Know

  • The producers of The X-Files originally wanted Pamela Anderson for the role of Dana Scully.
  • The sound of doors opening and closing on Star Trek is a flushing toilet.
  • The Flintstones: Pebbles was originally going to be a boy until a toy company said that a girl would make more money because they could sell Pebbles dolls.
  • The Simpsons is one of the longest-running scripted television series in history, with 654 episodes so far. The show began in 1989 and is still going as of 2019
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