Everyone on Twitter Wants to Know If This Woman Who Took a Bath in Hot Cheetos Is Okay

There's some serious chaotic energy happening in this video. Over the years, Twitter has gifted us with plenty of deeply disturbed offerings, but this one may top the charts.

Twitter user @sp00kynugget posted a short clip of herself in a bathtub full of water and... Hot Cheetos. Many, many Hot Cheetos. Even worse, she holds up a champagne flute in the video filled with what appears to be Hot Cheeto water. Reading that sentence is enough to make anyone nauseous.

When they said that all girls do is eat hot chip and lie, they weren't kidding.

It doesn't matter how much of a "Hot Cheeto connoisseur" you might consider yourself—there is no reason for this image to exist. Did she drink the forbidden Hot Cheeto water? Did she eat the soggy Hot Cheetos? Also, is she... like... okay? Certain people had questions, one of which being: did the Hot Cheetos affect her skin?

Fortunately, @sp00kynugget answered these questions and more regarding the contents of her viral video. Apparently, it was originally just a joke for her friends to laugh about on Snapchat.

"I had taken my own quick three-sec video as a joke for just my Snapchat friends and got really good responses and then decided to post to Twitter," she told Delish. "I usually would get no more than 20 likes on my posts so I didn’t even think anyone would see it."

She wasn't in the bath for long, fortunately. "People seem to think I was actually taking a bath in it. So many people were asking if I had gotten an infection or if I was burning. I had absolutely no issues and was in there for just a few shots."

The tub was filled with about $150 of Hot Cheetos. She cleaned it out with a strainer. After letting the tub soak with soap and water, there were no stains. Lucky, lucky lady.

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Post originally appeared on American Upbeat.