Every Two Hours, This 16-Year-Old Needs to Be Told What Day It Is

By 1 year ago

Experts say that certain memories can change over time—but what if you relived the same one every single day? For 16-year-old Riley Horner, she wakes up on June 11, 2019 every single morning.

Regular Teen

When Riley wakes up every morning, she expects the calendar to tell her it’s June 11—but when she catches a glimpse of the calendar hanging on her door, she does a double-take. “People don’t understand,” she said. “It’s like a movie.”

Riley's Reality


The 16-year-old Illinois high schooler was experiencing Groundhog Day in real life. Except, instead of reliving the same day every twenty-four hours, her memory reset after 120 minutes. For Riley, virtually no time had passed since June 11...

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