Escaped Goats Make New Home in Residential Neighborhood

Residents in Boise, Idaho woke up this morning to hoards of goats on their quiet, residential street. Residents estimated it to be about 100 goats roaming the yards. According to KTVB reporter Joe Parris, the goats were eating ‘everything in sight.’

Residents were having a field day with the goats, who some called ‘cute.’ As it turns out, the goats are actually owned by a ‘rent-a-goat’ service. Yes, they rent out goats to eat peoples laws, just like a mower service. It’s pretty much the same thing, just more eco-friendly!

The company, We Rent Goats, lost their 118 goats when one of their wooden panels in the fences failed. It seems that the goats escaped in a single file and were determined to have a crazy night out.

The owners rounded the goats back up and got them home safe and sound. Most of the residents didn’t even know the goats lived in the area! Well, at least their lawn has been taken care of. Maybe this was all just a marketing scheme to advertise the business? It worked! Give me a goat.

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