Embarrassing Wedding Day Moments Caught on Camera

There is no perfect wedding day. Usually, people remember their special day as crying kids, belligerent guests, a messy bride—the day can turn into chaos instantly! These weddings were not the dream scenario, but they made for some pretty funny fails!

Zero Gravity

This wedding is out of this world, literally! this couple got hitched in a zero-gravity chamber, which led to a pretty crazy picture. However, it could have easily gone very wrong if that bride floated upside down. 


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The More You Know

  • Stephen Hawking is 73 years old and has outlived his shortened life expectancy due to ALS by over 50 years.
  • More people are bitten each year by New Yorkers than by sharks.
  • A Scarlet Macaw can live up to 80 years.
  • Only one NFL team has a plant for a logo.
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