Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers In A Matter of Seconds

R. Kelly

Where to BEGIN with R. Kelly… In 2002, Kelly was indicted on 21 counts of child pornography, along with a sex tape depicting him having relations with a minor. He fiercely rebuked the claims until they came back for him in 2018. His has been accused with the help of hard evidence of entrapping young girls and keeping them as sex slaves. He’s lost nearly every endorsement he’s ever had.


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The More You Know

  • Forrest Gump has more CGI than Jurassic Park.
  • Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg went to high school together. She claims he sold her weed.
  • Because they were shooting in black and white and color didn't matter, they used chocolate syrup as blood when shooting Psycho.
  • Chuck Norris’s first name is actually Carlos.
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