Embarrassing Photos From People Who Know How to Laugh at Themselves

If you've ever found yourself in an embarrassing situation, the best thing to do is to laugh about it! Being self-aware and laughing at yourself is the best way to go about life. These folks did exactly that and found the humor in these embarrassing situations...

Now We See Why...

"Maybe I am not as good as I thought I was!"

Joe Power tried his best to become the next popular TV psychic medium. Unfortunately, the show was canceled. Apparently, he didn't see it coming... This is ironic, since, well, he's a psychic medium. Maybe work on your skills first, Joe!


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The More You Know

  • An 11-year-old is responsible for naming Pluto.
  • All the Professors in Pokemon have been named after trees.
  • One area of Canada has a weaker gravitational pull than the rest of Earth.
  • Only one NFL team has a plant for a logo.
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