Elon Musk Fixes Teslas “Dog Mode” After Driver Experiences Issue

Elon Musk and his Tesla brand have always supplied drivers with cutting edge technology. One such tech equips Teslas with “dog mode” which keeps the vehicle at a comfortable temperature even on hot days.

Dog mode keeps the air conditioning on while a pet owner leaves their dog in the car. A message is also displayed on the screen that reads “my owner will be back soon.”

One Tesla owner, though, identified a potential problem with “dog mode” and tweeted Elon Musk about it. Surprisingly, the tech mogul responded and agreed to act on it immediately to fix the issue.

Apparently, when Rahul Sood turned on dog mode, his car still reached 85 degrees in the summer with his dog in the car.

Sood said, “Dog mode only works if in auto, if you manually set the fan and leave the AC turns off.”

Musk replied simply saying “Fixing …” to which Sood was thrilled and thankful.

Luckily, dog mode should be an easy fix, and Tesla can simply roll out an update remotely, the same way it was initially rolled out in the first place.

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