Elementary Students Celebrate Janitor’s 80th Birthday at School

Haze Mabry is 80 years old and still works a day job. One day, when he went to work, expecting a day just like any other, he was greeted by 800 of his fans.

Mabry is a janitor at Pike County Elementary School in Zebulon, Georgia. He is beloved by the students and staff as he treats them all like family. He pays special attention to each student and because of that he’s considered “the most loved person” in the whole building.

When Mabry turned 80 last month, he was greeted with 800 children and staff chanting his name in celebration. They gave him handmade cards, sang happy birthday, and held up banners for his special day.

Mabry was overwhelmed with the love and returned his thanks to every student.

Pike County Elementary posted photos along with the following statement on their Facebook page, “It may be his birthday, but we are the ones who receive a gift—the gift of having him in our school, lives, and hearts. This is the good stuff! Mr. Haze, you sir are loved, admired, and adored here at PCES.”

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