Eating Dominoes Pizza Every Day Saved This Man's Life

By 1 year ago

Pizza might really be man's best friend, and no one believed this more than Kirk Alexander, who became best friends with the employees at his local Domino's store. They knew him by name, and he ordered a pizza every single week for almost a decade. What might seem like a lazy dinner choice, actually ended up saving Kirk's life...

Meeting Kirk

Kirk Alexander lived alone in his Salem, Oregon home. The 48-year-old bachelor wasn’t much of a chef, so instead of cooking up his own meals, he often ordered from the local Silverton Road Domino’s pizza shop. In fact, he ordered from the restaurant so frequently, that the store owners claimed they saw his name on their order screen once every other day. At the very least, the man was consistent...


Kirk's Order

The customer was such a big fan of the fast-food chain, that you might assume he had a go-to order, but such was not the case with Kirk. Instead, he famously never ordered the same foods twice. Pasta one day, pizza the next, chicken wings maybe, a salad or two sprinkled in between the days of the week. The man liked to have some variety, and the workers definitely noticed...

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