Drone Expert Uncovers Wild Mystery At Local Lake

By 2 years ago

When a local man went and explored a lake that he worked at with his trusty drone, he noticed something somewhat horrifying that left him and the rest of the town with tons of questions.

The Man in Question

Evan Kilkus works at a jet ski and boat rental company on the shore of Lake Berryessa. When he’s not working, he’s flying his drone. Sometimes, he films things for his Youtube channel under the username Evan K. A lot of drone lovers congregate to his channel and relish in his breathtaking videos. He’s got 36,000 fellow drone enthusiasts in his network!


Lake Berryessa

In Napa County, California, there is a beautiful man-made lake called Lake Berryessa. It’s a very popular local hangout spot where people can take out their boats, hang out on the short, and even get some swimming and paddleboarding in! The lake was created near the Monticello Dam in order to help feed the water into it. The lake itself is hydroelectric to mimic the natural goings-on of a lake.

A Dark History

In 1997, a 41-year-old woman ended up passing away while spending the day at the lake. It was ruled a drowning, but the locals felt that there was a mysterious circumstance that they were not revealing. Some witness reports of the drowning even said she was ‘grabbing’ onto something before she drowned. For years, this drowning haunted the locals of the town. When news that someone was found in the lake surface, it’s no wonder what it took off like wildfire.

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