Dolphins Save Distance Swimmer’s Life From This Unbelievable Danger

By 1 year ago

While attempting the Oceans Seven marathon, open water swimmer Adam Walker encountered something terrifying in the ocean until a group of dolphins could rescue him. Since then, Walker has learned his experience is not so unique, but that has not deterred him from stopping his free swims in open waters…

Completing The Oceans Seven Marathon

Adam Walker, an experienced ocean distance swimmer, is one of only ten swimmers to have completed the Oceans Seven Marathon, a dangerous challenge that involved free-swimming across all seven seas. His final swim, The Cook Strait, left him with some unforeseen challenges…

Close Encounters


Walker has seen just about everything while out on the water. Choppy waves, intense currents, sharks, dolphins, jellyfish – you name it. It’s one thing to watch marine life from a boat. It’s another to be face to face with sea creatures with nothing to protect you…

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