Does Your School Make the List of Craziest College Sports Traditions?

College years are filled with classes, friends, parties, and of course, sports. Some schools take a little more pride in their athletics, and as a result, have created some unique traditions over the years. Read on to see if your alma mater made the list of wildest traditions…

Army and Navy

This is one of the more unique traditions, as the two teams swap a ‘prisoner’. This prisoner is a student who stayed on the rival campus for a semester. This is a tradition that dates back to 1890!


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The More You Know

  • Christian Bale studied Tom Cruise's mannerisms to prepare for his role as a psychotic killer in American Psycho.
  • The voices of Mickey and Minnie Mouse got married in real life.
  • Great white sharks are so scared of killer whales that they'll avoid an area for up to a year after spotting one.
  • A chameleon's tongue is twice as long as its body.
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