Doctors Could Have Never Predicted What Happened to This Surrogate's Baby

The Cost of Carrying

Surrogate mothers charge upwards of $100,000 to carry someone else's child! Additionally, most states in the US have not legalized surrogacy, and if you live in an illegal state, you have very little options. On rare occasions, things can get tricky in surrogate relationships, but they usually don't go the way that it did for one particular surrogate mother named Jessica Allen...


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The More You Know

  • Facebook has more users than many major populations.
  • If you ate nothing but rabbit meat, you would die from protein poisoning.
  • The toilet is statistically the cleanest place in your home. Your desk, kitchen sink, and cellphone all have more bacteria.
  • In 1993, San Francisco held a referendum over whether a police officer called Bob Geary was allowed to patrol while carrying a ventriloquist’s dummy called Brendan O’Smarty. He was.
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