What Famous TV Commercial Actors Get Paid

The Target Lady

Maria Bamford is a comedian first, commercial actress second, and a true pioneer of bringing the "weird" to corporate commercials. She initially started her career as a comedian and aspiring voice actor. She went on a few comedy tours, had a role in the movie Lucky Numbers, and then starred in the Target commercials we all know and love. 


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The More You Know

  • Black and white TV ended in 1966
  • Family Matters: The infamous theme song "As Days Go By" wasn't always the theme song. "What A Wonderful World" was used in the pilot (though it has been replaced with "As Days Go By" in syndicated versions of the show).
  • The actors who voiced Mickey and Minnie mouse got married in real life.
  • The show 'Firefly' has been permanently added to the International Space Station as a form of entertainment for the station's crews.
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