Diet Coke Debuts New Tropical Flavors

To take their proverbial stab at the millennial market, Diet Coke debuted a slim can design last year with four interesting flavor creations.

One year later, they’re bringing more flavors to the game with their two new trendy flavors: Strawberry Guava and Blueberry Acai.

The reactions have been a bit mixed, though. After people loved the first four flavors, the two new additions seemed to fall short of expectations.

The people have spoken and reported that the Strawberry Guava flavor tastes more like a Pink Starburst than a soda beverage. It seems that there might not even be any Diet Coke in the beverage whatsoever, at least, that’s what taste testers have said.

Fortunately, the Blueberry Acai did have more of the expected Diet Coke flavor, however, people think it tastes more like Grape than Blueberry and Acai. In fact, it’s been described to taste like old school Grape soda.

Luckily, Diet Coke fans, you have options. If these two new sweeter options aren’t for you, your old faithful, Diet Coke, is still readily available for consumption.

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