Diane Downs: The Sociopath Mother

By 1 year ago

One of the most bizarre cases takes a lot of twists and turns that no one saw coming. Everyone was fooled by this young, doe-eyed mother, but it didn’t take long for everything to come to light. This case is one of the most interesting cases of an actual sociopath.

Springfield, Oregon

The small town of Springfield, Oregon was rocked by the news of a horrific carjacking of a mother and her three young children. At first, the story was of the heroic effort that Diane Downs portrayed to protect her children, but things escalated quickly…

Diane Downs


Diane Downs was looked at as a mother traumatized by the tragedy at first, and by the end of the trial, was a diagnosed sociopath. She hatched a horrific plan that had tons of moving parts…

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