Devastated Mother Sells Baby's Crib, But Never Expected To See It Again

By 1 year ago

Josh and Kristina never imagined that having a baby could be so difficult. After years of trying, the couple thought maybe it was time to give up. But then, when one pregnancy reached full term, they were hopeful that this time their dreams would finally come true. They never expected the outcome to turn out like this, though...

Years of Trying

Josh and Kristina had struggled to get pregnant for years after they got married. They thought having kids might not be an option for them after several miscarriages. They'd even considered using a surrogate to have a baby, but the whole experience had taken a toll on Kristina and she considered giving up on having kids...


Doctors Had No Answer

Doctors couldn't explain the countless failed pregnancies. Kristina had no history of previous health issues, and various tests she'd undergone showed no abnormalities. Josh was showing normal test results as well, so they couldn't get to the bottom of the issue. But, just as they were ready to call it quits and look into other options, something changed...

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