Delaware State University Cancels Over $700K in Student Debt for Graduates During Pandemic

Delaware State University is lifting a heavy burden for some graduate students who faced financial hardship during the pandemic.

College officials are canceling up to $730,655 in student debt for recent grads who struggled to make ends meet over the past year. Antonio Boyle, Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management, estimated that the average eligible student will qualify for roughly $3,276 in debt relief, which equals about a third of a year's tuition.

This will help over 220 graduates who might be delayed in receiving their diplomas.

"Too many graduates across the country will leave their schools burdened by debt, making it difficult for them to rent an apartment, cover moving costs, or otherwise prepare for their new careers or graduate school," Boyle said in a statement released by the university. "While we know our efforts won't help with all of their obligations, we all felt it was essential to do our part."

The funds that allowed the school to cancel these students' debts became available through the Amerian Rescue Plan for COVID-19 relief.

"Great universities have to go a step beyond ordinary," said Dr. Devona Williams, the Chair of the University's Board of Trustees. "This is that kind of moment for us."

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