Deaf Puppy Gets Adopted by Deaf Man and Learns Sign Language

A six-week-old puppy named Emerson was dumped at the NFR Maine animal shelter in North Monmouth, Maine. Emerson was riddled with health issues. Not only was he deaf, but he also suffered from seizures and canine parvovirus.

Despite his rough start to life, NFR Maine nursed him back and he pulled through. When he was feeling better, the shelter posted about him on their Facebook page hoping to find him the perfect forever home. They received a lot of interest, but when Nick Abbott reached out, they knew they had found Emerson the perfect home.

Nick was also deaf and he felt that he and Emerson would understand each other. From the minute they met, Emerson was glued to Nick.

They’ve now been together for three months, and Nick is teaching his new companion sign language.

Good Evening #NFRnation!! Who out there loves a happy ending?? I know we sure do!!So many of you followed our sweet…

Posted by NFR Maine on Sunday, March 17, 2019

NFR Maine was thrilled with this match saying, “This boy deserved nothing short of a fairy tale ending and that is EXACTLY what he got!! This will go down in history as one of my all time favorite adoptions stories.”

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