Dad Mic’s up His Four-Year-Old Playing Hockey and It’s Hilarious

Jeremy Rupke, well known for his “how to hockey” account on Instagram, loves watching his son, Mason, play hockey.

The pint-sized youngster is only 4-years-old, and so, what his father really wanted to know was what little Mason was thinking while he was out on the ice.

Jeremy came up with a plan to mic up Mason’s jersey while he played a game to get an inside look at his son’s “not-so-inner” dialogue, and the results were hilarious.

Among the many insanely funny and cute comments, Mason is heard encouraging his friends to take naps, blames an “old fat paint can” for his tumbles, and longs for a McDonald’s happy meal—ya know, typical 4-year-old stuff.

After the game, Rupke posted a montage of Mason’s funniest moments to Twitter where it was shared and viewed millions of times and even landed on the Barstool Sports page.

“I mic’d up my 4-year-old at Timbits Hockey so I could finally understand what the heck he was doing out there. It was… interesting,” Rupke wrote on Twitter.

The comments from viewed flooded in. One guy even chimed in admitting, “I’m a 57-year-old beer leaguer and I’ve probably said most of those things out there [too].”

Well, Mason, it seems like you’re not alone in your daydreams of french fries and naps.

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